01 — Is your volumes screw on or bolt on?

Our volumes are all screw on, but we offer some models with a bolt option.

02 — What do you use for reinforcement in the back of the volumes?

All our volumes are reinforced with fiberglass. It allows the volumes to be lightweight and not interfere with placements of jibs/screw on holds.

03 — Is your T-Nuts Imperial or Metric?

We offer both types.

04 — What are the colors you offer?

You can purchase the volumes in: Gray, Black, White, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow.
We also make custom colours upon request.

05 — How do you ship the volumes?

We find the most affordable transport with our broker and add it to your quote.
Or the clients can provide a transport company of their choice.

06 — Is there additional charges for US clients?

Yes, there is an additional charge of 120$ USD for customs, include in the transport fees.

07 — What do you use to reinforce the screw placement?

All the holes for the screws have a metal countersunk washer.

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